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The Robots are Here

By Doug Williams
Jul. 19, 2018

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Three Game Changers to Lead and Drive InnovationFeb. 16, 2016

  Recently, I had the privilege to speak on a panel of leading chief information officers, where we discussed innovation….

Obamacare Health Plans: Can Data Save an Endangered Species?Feb. 3, 2016

  The healthcare and financial markets were rattled in November when the nation’s largest health insurance company, UnitedHealth Group, Inc.,…

The Real Cost of Prescription Drug AbuseDec. 4, 2015

  A 2013 Mayo Clinic study found that nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug. Here…

Extremism and TechnologyNov. 20, 2015

  This is certainly a week of emotions, ranging from a somber sadness for families, friends, and countries suffering from…

Hospital Readmissions – How Payers Can Stop the Revolving DoorNov. 9, 2015

  Hospital readmissions continue to plague the healthcare system, causing increased risk to patients and significant unnecessary costs. It feels…

Dumping Paper for GoodOct. 27, 2015

  Traditionally, executing a dependent eligibility audit has been a very paper-driven process. Employers typically mail a series of letters…

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