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The Robots are Here

By Doug Williams
Jul. 19, 2018

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The Children’s Health Insurance Program: Congress’ Bipartisan MomentMar. 29, 2018

Over the past few months there has been a lot of political debate around the future of the Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP. Most of the discussion centered around whether Congress…

We Need Data and Technology to Fight the Opioid EpidemicMar. 21, 2018

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee recently held a congressional hearing on the opioid crisis. Unlike past hearings however, this…

Short-term Health Insurance Plans: Obamacare Foil or Real Consumer Choice Solution?

Short-term Health Insurance Plans: Obamacare Foil or Real Consumer Choice Solution?Mar. 14, 2018

Last month, the Trump administration proposed new rules that would make it easier for consumers to buy and keep short-term…

Managing fraud, waste and abuse during the expansion of telehealthFeb. 14, 2018

Recently there have been great strides made in healthcare through the increased use of telehealth technology. The concept of being…

Blockchain’s Emerging Healthcare ApplicationsJan. 29, 2018

While bitcoin and cryptocurrencies seem to go in and out of fashion on a monthly basis, the blockchain—the distributed system…

How Will Medicaid Work Requirements Impact Churn and Member Retention?Jan. 26, 2018

CMS’ recent guidance to State Medicaid Directors on work requirements for non-disabled, non-pregnant adults was anticipated to those of us…

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