Casualty Recovery Services

Maestro: Subrogation Simplified

Casualty Recovery

When people get hurt in accidents, they often receive compensation, as they should. But when this happens, all too often your plan doesn’t receive the reimbursement that it should for medical expenses paid during treatment. Why? Because tracking down these cases means combing through scattered data from county offices, attorneys, and insurance companies, among others.

Enter HMS. Nobody has more experience and success in casualty recovery services.

The key to this success is our purpose-built subrogation case management system, Maestro. We created Maestro specifically because handling casualty recovery and other healthcare subrogation cases can be complex and time consuming without the right tools.

Maestro provides:

  • Secure, reliable, and web-based access around the clock
  • Real-time updates
  • Document imaging
  • Prompt-driven workflow
  • HMS IT support team

Every year, Maestro processes thousands of subrogation cases, saving our clients more than $120 million.

Contact us today and put Maestro to work on your casualty recoveries.

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