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Elli provides reliable intelligence into your total population to improve quality, optimize outcomes, and control costs.

Imagine an easier and quicker way to identify those members – both new and in your existing population – with chronic conditions, utilization or potential medication misuse, or non-compliant in preventive care needs.

Elli can deliver you this insight! And the result?

With elli, dramatically drive improvements through early targeting of individuals most likely to benefit from care intervention.

  • Visibility into Members
    • Analytics to identify risk based on HMS® claims database
    • Common view of membership
    • New member identification
  • Monitor Healthcare Consumption
    • Track medical management of high utilizers after enrollment
    • Medication Monitoring
    • Cost Breakdowns
  • Improve HEDIS & quality
    • Identify gaps in meeting HEDIS measures
    • Actionable “call lists” of members who need targeted outreach
    • Risk assessment data where an HRA might be absent