EssetteSuite Advanced Analytics

Boost your quality, performance, and compliance.


Imagine all of the ways to synthesize your population health process: data sources, other systems, and workflow. Now stop imagining. We do it all.

Even though “big data” has proven to be the next frontier to curb costs and improve patient care, a million data points in a vacuum are of no help to busy healthcare workers. EssetteSuite Advanced Analytics brings needed context by processing claims, authorizations, lab results, prescriptions, dispensing, medical records, eligibility, and more. Now care managers and other health professionals can better predict patient care quality and outcomes.

It all starts by integrating diverse member data sources into EssetteSuite Care Management, EssetteSuite Population Management, and EssetteSuite Utilization Management — each part of the EssetteSuite system of products and modules.

This added integration reduces data confusion between reports on gaps in care, transitions of care, measured or predictive risk, and operational or financial criteria. EssetteSuite Advanced Analytics run on the live production and historical data warehouse information, updated by users every day. This ensures that your workflows in each solution synch up with the latest information.

The resulting data-rich member risk scores will help your staff better determine where, when, and with whom to best spend valuable time. Operational and clinical risk, admission and readmission risk, Medicare Hierarchical Condition Categories, and current risk adjustment factor all come from EssetteSuite Advanced Analytics.

The EssetteSuite combination provides additional benefits:

  • No additional data integration required
  • Utilization of standard security and role-based permissions
  • Retroactive and prospective cost, utilization, and clinical risk scores
  • Automatic case creations for target populations, campaign entries for selected populations, and tasks and/or authorizations for gaps in care and transitions in care

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