Essette Business Intelligence

Show rich data visualization across the entire population management technology spectrum – on a single screen.


Essette Business Intelligence adds powerful visualizations and graphics to the reporting capabilities built into all of our offerings. It’s the next step in ergonomics, turning spreadsheets of accurate, up-to-date client data into real-time, user-configurable graphics.

With a goal of enhancing your reporting capabilities, Essette Business Intelligence pulls together our Care Management, Population Management, Utilization Management, Appeals and Grievances, and Customer Service solutions to provide an unprecedented view of your data – on a single screen, in real-time.

That’s a big step up from the current Report Designer in our solutions and modules. The Designer shows data in a simple, tabular fashion and is limited to a single product or module. Essette Business Intelligence frees you up.

In fact, users can customize views to suit their needs. Care management directors can set their EssetteSuite homepages to the Essette Business Intelligence case management dashboard to better run their departments.

Beyond dashboards, every report connected to our suite can be presented visually, allowing you to pivot data and manipulate it in tabular fashion. For example, a report about referral reasons for members can display the data in a trend chart, while showing the numbers in pivot tables organized by reason and separated by referral creators.

As always, our ultimate goal for reporting is empowering you to present your data without any IT intervention or SQL training. We think you’ll agree Essette Business Intelligence hits that mark and then some.

Contact us today to step up your population health technology reporting with Essette Business Intelligence.

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