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EssetteSuite Customer Service

Provide solid support for your members’ critical concerns.

Providing customer service for your plan members isn’t the same as helping someone who didn’t receive the shoes they ordered online. Patients already feel stressed, and the issues they elevate could potentially be life-threatening.

EssetteSuite Customer Service covers your support staff from the moment they accept a phone call or greet a walk-in. The web based, user-friendly standalone platform empowers your staff to handle all types of issues: member, provider, authorization denials, reimbursement issues, quality of care concerns, and more.

As a result, the standalone platform is your best path to member satisfaction and reduced costs.

Because EssetteSuite Customer Service seamlessly integrates with our other population health technology solutions, your staff can instantly access all relevant case details – no need to switch back and forth between multiple systems to find answers or escalate an issue.

User-configurable issue types drive the workflow, allowing for efficient, effective, and consistent handling of cases. Multilingual answers to frequently asked questions allow support staff to provide consistent responses across a wide range of potential issues, while the Member 360-degree view allows instant access to all aspects of patient case histories.

Workers can add notes, attach documentation, track inbound and outbound calls, and monitor outcomes. They can also filter issues by member, provider, member representative, or provider representative.

Contact HMS today to learn how EssetteSuite Customer Service can improve your member satisfaction and help your staff do more with less.