Essette Fax Management

Want to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency, and reduce errors with a communications technology popularized in the late ’70s? Read on.

Essette Fax Management adds a fully integrated faxing component to the industry-leading Essette Care Management software suite, saving you time and reducing human errors. The method: pulling faxes directly off of the fax server into EssetteSuite workflows.

With faxes flowing securely into Essette Fax Management, we empower users to create authorizations from faxes with a simple click, and the action automatically attaches the fax to the newly created authorization. In addition, the tool notifies user “owners” of the authorizations with alerts when the fax on which they were waiting has been received.

It sounds simple, and it is. Still, this tool helps busy nurses who must shelve incomplete authorizations pending receipt of more documentation from a provider. These oftentimes overworked users get automatic alerts within their everyday workflows – with a note indicating the missing documentation has been received via fax – plus a link to take them directly to the authorization’s page. From there, they can rescue authorization requests from an eternity of incomplete status and continue working them. Simple, yes, and effective.

Driving adherence to ever-important compliance regulations, Essette Fax Management bases request dates and times on the actual fax receipts, removing yet another area for potential time wasting and human error. Your auditors will grin with joy.

Our Get Next Document feature keeps users on a single screen while enabling creation of consecutive authorizations, sorted by priority and receipt date in the inbound queue before automatically reaching users in the proper order. When multiple requests are included in a single fax from a provider, Essette Fax Management gives users the ability to rotate, split, and redistribute faxes to the appropriate destinations.

Integrated into the related EssetteSuite products, such as Utilization Management and Appeals and Grievances, Fax Management is an effective addition for payers looking for the best way to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency, and reduce errors.

Put the power of automation to work with Essette Fax Management. Contact HMS today.

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