Health Insurance Premium Payment Prevention

When Medicaid Isn’t the Most Cost-Effective Coverage

Health Insurance Premium Payment Prevention

Sometimes it’s more cost effective for your agency to pay members’ group insurance premiums than to enroll them in Medicaid. Efficiently determining when to take that step, performing member outreach, and administering a Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program can be complex. Without the right tools, it is a difficult process.

That’s where HMS’s Health Insurance Premium Payment Prevention solution comes in. With HIPP Prevention, HMS makes HIPP work for state agencies. We streamline:

  • Discovery of employer-sponsored insurance
  • Determination of potential savings
  • Enrollment and premium payment process
  • Periodic evaluations

Since each state individually runs their Medicaid program, HMS is prepared to help you save money with whatever payment model you may have: fee-for-service, Medicaid managed care organization, or others.

What type of impact do these savings have to the Medicaid program?

In 2015, one state’s program saved over $30 million by enrolling members onto HIPP Prevention. With the money states save, they are able to enroll more members onto their program or expand services, such as offering more dental coverage.

How much could your state save?

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