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From the Community: Chicago Healthcare Veteran Michael Cole Appointed SVP, Commercial Markets, at HMS
January 2018

Bill Lucia Discusses Dreamers at Dallas Chamber of Commerce
November 2017

Indefatigable RACs Plow Ahead
September 2017

D CEO – Conversation With: Bill Lucia, CEO of HMS
September 2017

Children’s Health Insurance Program: Taking the Long View
September 2017

The Internet of Things: New Connections to Healthcare Opportunity, by HMS SVP Andy Gaudette
July 2017

D CEO Names 2017 Corporate Counsel Awards Finalists
July 2017

2017 Healthcare Informatics Top 100 List
June 2017

Medicaid Efficiency is Needed Now More Than Ever, by HMS CEO Bill Lucia
May 2017

Why the Trump Administration Can’t ‘Drain the Healthcare Swamp’ by Only Focusing on Healthcare Fraudsters, by HMS CMO Gary Call, MD
February 2017

A Post ACA Medicaid Program Geared Towards Sustainability by HMS CEO Bill Lucia
January 2017

Identifying Prescription Abuse, by Erwin Acuna and Erik Chase in Fraud Magazine
March/April 2016

Trust But Verify – Claims Audit by Steve J. Noury
February 2016

Interview with HMS CIO Cynthia Nustad in Distil Health Plan
September 2014

The Many Faces of Prescription Drug Fraud in Fraud Magazine, featuring HMS Director of Pharmacy Operations Erwin Acuna
September 2014

The Hidden Problem in Employee Health Plans, featuring Jonathan Heath, National Sales Director for HMS Employer Solutions
September 2014

RAC Audits to Slow as CMS Revises Bids; Existing Contracts Extended for Appeals, featuring Maria Perrin, Executive Vice President and CMO
December 2013

834s: Advancing beyond the front door, featuring Cynthia Nustad, Executive Vice President and CIO
December 2013