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White Papers

Surge in Working Spouse Provision Verifications: HR Leaders Seek Solutions to Rising Healthcare Benefits
January 2018

Medicaid RACs: Best Practices for Success
August 2017

Effective Cost Management for Medicaid
August 2017

Optimizing Payment Integrity Results in Medicaid and Medicare Managed Care
July 2017

Effective Cost Management For Medicaid
March 2017

Harnessing the Full Power of Data Analytics: A Holistic Approach to Cost Containment
February 2017

Curbing the Cost of Compound Drug Fraud: Combat Negative Consequences With Data Analytics
November 2016

Navigating the Affordable Care Act’s Effect on Medicaid Coordination of Benefits
September 2016

Dependent Eligibility Verification
August 2016

Medical Records, Stat!: How to complete clinical reviews within prompt pay guidelines
July 2016

The Painful Side Effects of Opioid Fraud
June 2016

The Two-midnight Rule: Payments, Provisions, and Processes
April 2016

Demystifying Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Extractions, Impactions, Anesthesia, Sleep Apnea Appliances, and Billing
December 2015

Grand Scam: Six Practical Ways Commercial and Government Payers Can Fight Healthcare Fraud
November 2014

Dual Eligible Demonstration Programs: Where Are They Today?
November 2014

Maximize Medicaid Third Party Liability (TPL) Recoveries and Savings: Leveraging State Legislation
November 2014

Combatting Medicaid Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: Deceptively Complex
February 2014

Dependent Audit User Guide
October 2013