Harnessing the Full Power of Data Analytics: A Holistic Approach to Cost Containment

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Feb. 23, 2017

The healthcare industry has entered a tumultuous new age filled with changing regulations and new opportunities for growth. Payment reform, an expanding population of insured individuals, and a renewed focus on value-based payments have undoubtedly shifted the healthcare landscape in new and innovative ways.

But change comes at a cost, and in the United States, with a new wave of sicker individuals accessing medical care, healthcare costs have reached an all-time high. Already topping $3.2 trillion, by 2025 healthcare spending is estimated to exceed 20% of the gross domestic product.

Join HMS Chief Medical Officer Gary Call, M.D., as he addresses the holistic approach to healthcare reform. In this complimentary, one-hour webinar including a Q&A session, Dr. Call will discuss:

  • Healthcare payment landscape
  • Large data sets
  • Pre-pay claim review
  • Fragmentation
  • Holistic approach
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