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How to Improve Consumer Perceptions of Care Quality and Experience

By Ellen Harrison, RN, MBA
Dec. 10, 2018

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We Need Data and Technology to Fight the Opioid EpidemicMar. 21, 2018

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee recently held a congressional hearing on the opioid crisis. Unlike past hearings however, this…


Is Digital Health Dead? How to tackle costs, waste, and confusion in healthcareJun. 6, 2017

  Last month, an industry colleague shared in a presentation that he thought digital health was dead. I was a…

Breaking the Three Barriers of Big Data

Breaking the Three Barriers of Big DataMay. 23, 2016

  The healthcare system is awash in big data. The challenge is turning it into actionable information that can be…

Is My Information Secure? - HMS Blog

Is My Information Secure?Apr. 7, 2016

Recently, my children were talking about their log-ins and their passwords. In our case, the conversation included the general frustration…

What Airlines Can Teach HealthcareMar. 29, 2016

Long ago, such diverse industries as airlines and financial services opted to share data amongst stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes….

BlogDec. 5, 2015

HomeNov. 23, 2015

HMS delivers the broadest range of solutions in the industry to improve financial and health outcomes for at-risk organizations.

Hospital Readmissions – How Payers Can Stop the Revolving DoorNov. 9, 2015

  Hospital readmissions continue to plague the healthcare system, causing increased risk to patients and significant unnecessary costs. It feels…

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