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HMS Total Population Management

HMS Total Population Management is a product portfolio of tools and technology to empower proactive management of populations to improve health outcomes.

From deep-rooted industry expertise, HMS® Total Population Management provides insight across your total population to identify both existing and rising risk, powerful health engagement management programs to activate your members, and an adaptable care management technology platform to manage health outcomes.

  • HMS Elli  – Know Your Members
    HMS Elli population risk intelligence provides insight into your population risk while building member profiles to gather further intelligence.
  • HMS Eliza®   – Engage Your Members
    HMS Eliza health engagement management activates your membership through personalized conversations with members across a multichannel platform to close gaps in care, increase retention, assess health status and identify barriers.
  • HMS Essette®Manage Health Outcomes
    HMS Essette care management technology empowers your care traffic controller to manage high-risk members while monitoring the general population with an industry-leading alert system.