Helping Women Thrive and Succeed

At HMS, women are shaping our business and defining success on their own terms. In fact, more than half of our workforce are women, and women make up 50 percent of all our leaders.

Our Women’s Opportunity Network (WON) helps women achieve their goals by focusing on professional development, networking and mentoring. WON is a grass roots effort started by people who are passionate about HMS’ continued efforts to attract, develop, retain and advance women—an effort championed by the whole company.

Supporting our network is WON Connection, a series of interactive webinars that promote personal and professional growth. WON Connection also helps the women of HMS learn from one another’s experiences, share career insights and foster leadership skills.

To help bring up the next generation of women leaders, HMS also is working to help young girls define their own futures.

HMS is dedicated to removing barriers so every woman has the chance to excel and grow in her career. We believe in empowering women and creating a true culture of equality, ensuring every woman at HMS feels valued, connected and appreciated.

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